HOW TO: Mod Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) Private Match Classes!



Seen this about 15 minutes ago… Its a cool glitch/mod but too much work when you mess it up.

Yes, a bit challenging. :confused:

Might just make a CMR pack for everyone <3

That Would Be sweet!

to long for just a private match

Cool. Might make a little GUI for ease of modding but that Experiment5X and other guy will probably release one before me. I am lazy.


Was pretty obvious though something could be modded in these files. Surprised it has took so long for someone to try. Lol.

I would <3 anyone who would make one with just default stuff and just MoAB for all killstreaks. Would be so bad ass.

Hetelek figured out the checksum a few days after the game came out, there just didn’t seem to be anything cool to mod in the file. The only thing that you can really do is get the founder camo and color your classes. If you try and put attachments on weapons that don’t have them, or put a secondary weapon as a primary, it’ll just swap it out for the M4. If someone else wants to make a tool, go for it.

Would button symbols work? Not the AB crap, like the legit symbols that were used in EZGT and stuff like that.

Maybe? Try it out! Let us know if you do try it!

Make like serious modded infected gametype

I thought this was going to work for Gamebattle’s or something :anguished:

Lolz, it could?

Gamebattles is private… So your point?

this is cool mate , thanks :smile:

Nice, going to trying it out soon.

did the moab stick as you put it a killstreak?

any tutorial for doing this on pc? with steam and if you could get vacced?

Dont think it is out just yet.
Once it is ill added it!