How to Mod Splinter Cell Conviction

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I didn’t see a tut for this anywhere when i was looking for one so heres my own take on it.

You will first need a program called SC Conviction - Save Editor
Virus Scan
Ignore when it prompts you to update as the server no longer exists for this program I believe.

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Now extract Your Profile.sav
E000(Profile ID)/5553080B/0000001
And Open in the editor.

You will now be able edit your

  • PEC points either by entering the amount you want or by clicking Max for the maximum amount.
  • The amount you need to obtain challenges.
    Note: It is advised to set the challenges to only require 1. This way you will be able to earn the achievements for the game.

Q: I unlocked all of my challenges in this program so why didn’t I get the achievements for it?
A: This was feudalnate’s response:
This is why I included the descriptions.
If you simply click complete all and save you won’t unlock the achievements for completing each series of challenges.
What you can do is click complete all, go through the list and determine which challenge would be easiest to finish and edit it to have 1 less than the completed amount.
Save, transfer, do the challenge, Achievement Unlocked.

Me Writing the tutorial
feudalnate for the program.

Also here is a pre-modded save which has

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Modded Save
Splintercell Moddeed save.rar

Just need to change ids of save to that of your own profile.
Open in either Horizon or Modio

• All Gadgets Unlocked
• All P.E.C Challenges Completed
• All Uniforms Unlocked
• All Weapons Unlocked (Including the SPAS-12 weapon)
• Infiltration Game Mode Unlocked
• Maximum Amount of Points

Extra Details

This save game was originally going to be for myself,
since a lot of other save games for have certain attachments on weapons that you can’t “take” off,
but I’ve decided to share it with the community here on XboxMB… All of the “modding” for this save game was done in a hex editor.
It’s also pretty hard to find the values for the points and the SPAS-12 weapon, so please don’t take this save game for granted.
Before you say that it was useless to make this thread.
I’m pretty sure that someone has Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction.

Seems pretty easy to mod with Hex aswell might be a nice addition to add to horizon.

Hers the tut on Hexing the Game if your Interested.

Open Me

Credit goes to K.G for the following tutorial which unlocks the uPlay weapon and bonus gamemode, the other character suits and weapons. I believe some of the weapons and items are unlocked by completing certain levels on the hardest difficulty OR items that are not released yet.

Splinter Cell - Conviction (Unlock, buy Everything + Extras)
Complete tutorial by K.G

There are 3 parts to realize this.

  • Extraction of Data (the 0000D02D file from the Profile save)
  • Hexediting
  • Injection of Data (Inject back the 0000D02D file to the Profile save

Extraction of 0000D02D.dat

You need Offzip/Packzip UI for this.

Open your Profile.sav in “Input”
Select the directory where you want the 0000D02D.dat file to be
Then, press Start.
You now have the 0000D02D.dat file.

Open your 0000D02D.dat in a Hexeditor.

Here I will use HexWorkshop.

Go to offset 0000014C. It’s the begining of your Profile Name.
You will be able to hack everything below.

But, it depends on how long your name is… If your name if longer than the one i used for the example, then the offsets will be a little more far.
Here it’s “Unknown Pro”, every hackable thing i will talk about, start at the First digit after the end of the name.
In other words, All the “hightlighted” part in the Pic.

But with the pic, you will understand.

This is based on my Splinter Cell - Conviction (Everything Unlocked, Bought + Challenges Completed) game save.
The name is “Unknown Pro”, a 10 digits name.

Points Mods

Points Earned
00000158 ~to~ 0000015B

Points to spend
0000015C ~to~ 0000015F

Actual Equipements Mods
00000161 Actual Weared Uniform

Values: 00 Ech3 01 Zvezda VR 02 Black Arrow E3 03 Vympel 04 Shadow 05 Top Secret 06 Mozook Telecom VR 07 Akali VR 08 Traqueur urbain 09 Elite E3

00000162 Actual Weapon 1
00000163 Actual Weapon 2

values: 00 = none 01 = Five-Seven ect... 09 = SC30000 ect...

Note: puting a 2nd weapon value in a 1st Weapon slot, or the other way, won’t work.
You will see that it works in setting Menu, but once you start the game, you won’t have weapons in this slot.

00000164 Actual Camouflage
00000165 Actual Equipement 1 (Visual only)
00000165 Actual Equipement 2 (Visual only)
00000167 Actual Equipement 3 (Visual only)

Values: Color 00 Default 01 Color 1 02 Color 2 03 Color 3 04 Color 4 05 Color 5 06 Default With Kestrel Tatoo Equipement 00 None 01 Equipement 1 02 Equipement 2 03 Equipement 3 04 Equipement 4 05 Equipement 5 06 Equipement 6 07 Equipement 7 08 Equipement 8 09 Equipement 9

Note: this will only affect the appearence, it doesn’t affect the stats.
For instance, if you use a the value of knee pad, you will wear a kneed pad, but your protection won’t increase.
It works the other way too. if you already have a knee pad, and you use 00, then you will still have the protection of the knee pad, but you won’t wear it.
it useful if you don’t like the pads ect… but you want their effect.

00000168 Actual Gadget 1
00000169 Actual Gadget 2

04 Camera ect...


Unlock Infiltation
00000160 (Unlock = 01)

Uplay Weapon
0000016A (Unlock = FF)

All In-Game unlockables Weapons
0000016B (Unlock = FF)

All Extra Weapons + Spas-12
0000016C (Unlock = FF)

Shadow armor & Zvezda VR
0000016D (Unlock = FF)

All Extra Uniforms
0000016E (Unlock 03)

Uniforms Mods:

Uniform 1 Ech3
0000016F Equipement 1
00000170 Equipement 2
00000171 Equipement 3
00000172 Camouflage

Uniform 2 Zvezda VR
00000173 Equipement 1
00000174 Equipement 2
00000175 Equipement 3
00000176 Camouflage

Uniform 3 Black Arrow E3
00000177 Equipement 1
00000178 Equipement 2
00000179 Equipement 3
0000017A Camouflage

Uniform 4 Vympel
0000017B Equipement 1
0000017C Equipement 2
0000017D Equipement 3
0000017E Camouflage

Uniform 5 Shadow
0000017F Equipement 1
00000180 Equipement 2
00000181 Equipement 3
00000182 Camouflage

Uniform 6 Traqueur urbain
00000183 Equipement 1
00000184 Equipement 2
00000185 Equipement 3
00000186 Camouflage

Uniform 7 (Mozook Telecom VR)
00000187 Equipement 1
00000188 Equipement 2
00000189 Equipement 3
0000018A Camouflage

Uniform 8 Top Secret
0000018B Equipement 1
0000018C Equipement 2
0000018D Equipement 3
0000018E Camouflage

Uniform 9 Akali VR
0000018F Equipement 1
00000190 Equipement 2
00000191 Equipement 3
00000192 Camouflage

Uniform 10 Elite E3
00000193 Equipement 1
00000194 Equipement 2
00000195 Equipement 3
00000196 Camouflage

Values: Color 00 Default 01 Color 1 02 Color 2 03 Color 3 04 Color 4 05 Color 5 06 Default With Kestrel Tatoo

Note: don’t enter camouflage Menu if you use 06. it will freeze the game.

Equipement 00 None 01 Equipement 1 02 Equipement 2 03 Equipement 3 04 Equipement 4 05 Equipement 5 06 Equipement 6 07 Equipement 7 08 Equipement 8 09 Equipement 9

Buy Everything:
00000197 ~to~ 000001B4 (Buy Everything = FF)

Challenges Adresses:
000001B8 ~to~ 00000250

Injection of Data
You need Offzip/Packzip UI for this.

Using Packzip.
Open your 0000D02D.dat in “Source”
Select your Profile.sav in “Target”
Wright 0x0000d02d in “Offset”

Then, press Start.
You now have your Profile.sav file Modded.

Rehash/Resign and use the Save, and have fun !

I’m going to get this game with gamefly and check this out.

P.S. I did play this game before. Js


Thanks of course from me ! And also Thanks for uploading the Profile Save ! This really helped me out. I love it that all weapons are not modified and that everybody can choose for his own what upgrade to put on the weapons. I was stuck with my G36 Agoc Scope and I dont wanted to have this. Once the Upgrade is on the weapon you cannot remove it like the silencer or whatever. Or maybe there is a way to hex edit the weapon upgrades and remove them via Hex Editor. I was also wandering if there is a way to Mod the Single Player Costumes. Like playing with the Shadow Armor or another one through the Campaign. Anyway thanks a lot Mate !

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