How To Mod: Star Wars Force Unleashed 2

This is a Tut explaining how to Mod your ‘Force Credits’ to buy Powers in the game! Just follow the directions then easy breezing through the game!

Rehash and Resigner

[size=20]1) Click the ‘Select’ Button to have the Powers Menu Pop Up. Take note of how many Credits you have then turn of your Xbox.

  1. Open up Xport360(Or any other Device Exploring Program) and Drag out your Star Wars: Force Unleashed 2 Save

  2. Open up HxD and Drag your Force Unleashed 2 Save in

  3. Hit Ctrl-F(Or Tools/Find) And type in the Current Amount of Credits you have. Make Sure The Data-Type is Text-String!

Ex: If you had 25,000 before you turned off your console type that in the Search bar and change the Data Type to Text-String

  1. Simply Change the Credits to how many you want.

  2. Save. Exit Rehash and Resign and Drag back into HDD[/size]

From there load up your game and buy all your Powers!


Thanks, will be doing this soon.

Thanks for the Info. Will be testing soon

lmao i find it funny to mod starwars :laughing:

Already? How long has this game been out?

Already posted

Biga you a beast!

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Biga you a beast!

Thanks for the Info.