How to mod your Total Miner Gold!

Okay, so I’m bored. So I’ll be making this tutorial.
Today, we’ll be learning how to mod our Gold on Total Miner.

I’ll make a tool for this (Or try to)
If someone wants to donate $5 to me to get points. Lol. PM me if you’re nice enough<3

There’s a few other things we’ll learn in the process, such as:
-How to use HxD
-Learning hex decimals, and decimals.
-How to use Horizon’s package manager.
-Few other stuff.

Things you’ll need:
-Windows calculator (Or online hex to decimal converter)
-HxD (Or any hex editing software)
-Your amount of Gold on your current Total Miner save!

Take your save off your hard drive using Horizon. (Or any device explorer for that matter.)

Open that save using Horizon, then navigate to the “Contents” tab.
Now right-click the world.dat and select “Extract”.
Now you should have a .dat file from the save.

Lets open that .dat file in HxD. Let that sit for now.

Get your number of Gold and open Calculator.
Go to “View” then select “Programmer”.

On the left side you’ll see “Hex”, “Dec”, “Oct” and “Bin”. Make sure “Dec” is selected!
Now enter your amount of Gold, in my case 38094.

Once entered change the right side to “Hex”.
Now you should get your hex decimal. In my case 94CE.
Put that somewhere.

Note: As an alternative you can use an online converter, found below.
hexadecimal conversion, convert decimal to hexadecimal

Go back to HxD and hit CTRL+F or just go to “Search” then “Find”.
For “Datatype” choose “Integer Number”. Set the direction to “All”.
For “Bandwith” change it to “32 Bit Double Word (LongInt)” and keep it Little Endian.

Now put 0x[hex value from before] so, mine would be 0x94CE.
Because I had 38094 Gold and that decimal converted to hex is 94CE.

Then click find, if all went well you should have ONE instance.

Once you’ve found your Gold in your save, choose the amount of Gold you want.
Go back into calculator, then enter your number (Make sure “Dec” is selected) and convert it to hex.

For this, I’ll give myself 100,000 Gold.
So 100,000 in hex is 186A0.

Now enter that string into HxD at the start of your existing Gold.
If your number is smaller or if there’s leftover bytes (That aren’t null) null them out using zero.

Now hit CTRL+S to save. Or just go to"File" then “Save”.
HxD will make a .bak and a .dat. You want the .dat file.

Now open your save in Horizon again. (Not the .dat file) and inject your .dat file!
Do this by going back into the “Contents” tab and right-clicking the .dat file and choose “Replace”. Now choose your new .dat file! (Not the .dat.bak file)

Now rehash and resign and put back onto your device.|-world-|-999-999-gold.html

A lot easier IMO…

But what do you learn from that? Absolutely nothing.
People need to start somewhere by doing **** on their own.

If you’re just going to be a moron and reply with the intelligence of a third grader don’t even bother.

Nice tut man i will use this later. Enjoy your 5.50 :wink:

Yeah but thats not your world, I guess if your just starting Ellie’s world would be great!:thumbsup:

LOL uMad? It’s a forum. I’m not instigating a fight at all so quit cursing. Immature IMO.

All I did was reference an easier option for people to use if they dont want to manually mod it.

You do know when you do that you basically have to make a whole new world… Cody’s idea is simple and efficient.


I remember Hexing some old cod stuff a few years back. and fable 2

K. Immature. Yet you continue to use terms like “umad” and even use acronyms.

Cody’s idea: 7 part
Ellie’s idea: 1 part

Ellie’s part whole new world. Your screwed everything you worked on gone. Cody’s method you keep everything. Sure it may take more time but it’s better then restarting your WHOLE world. Plus you have to RENAME it to Ellie’s world to get it to work. :wink: Anyways if your going to troll do it right.

This is pretty nice, I wish I could do stuff but I dont have the game nor the resources for it. :confused: but good tutorial.

does it stick? Or do you have to do it every time?

I just got the game now, I’ll let you know.

It sticks btw.

so is this per stack? i have like 500 stacks of 64000 so do i have to add all of it together or do i search for 64000?

edit ya per stack worked btw making a tool for this would be pretty simple

****. Broke it.

I don’t know, the offsets are dynamic so I’d have to have a search function of some sort.

Okay dale.

Glory bump. Still working on a nice save with a ton of ****.

I was just looking for this. i wanted to learn how to do this!