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How to mod

how do you mod all games???

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@Gus1050 what do you mean by how you mod all games? like with infinity or how the trainers are developed?

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Well geez where would you like me start.

@ptondo start from the beginning.

I am kinda new to modding and don’t know too much about it. But can you tell me the basics and what programs that are the best free ones.0

Like how do i make my own mods. Tell me all from the start

Depends on the game
you should ask google for different games.
If you mean cheating that’s not modding

@Gus1050 there is a difference between creating mods & creating cheats. @N1ceToMeetYou is correct, you should google a specific game and see what kind of results turn up.

Is it no program that works for most games and are possible to use at steam workshop

If you are too stupid to use google then you will get nowhere near creating mods.

I will help you out:

You need to get that particular game’s mod tools or the game engine’s SDK (software development kit).

For example, if you want to mod Arma, you need to go to Bohemia Interactive’s site and download their mod tool suite. Then it’s just a matter of digging into the software (usually plenty of tutorials available) and going through the skull-sweat of figuring out how to do what you want.

For most mods, you will not need programming skills. Most of the modern SDK’s allow for the use of making flowgraphs or simple scripts to control the game logic. You can do a whole lot now without having to actually code anything.

You gave the example of adding a car. In CryEngine2 or 3, that’s as simple as loading up the level you want to mod, and dropping the car (which is located in a library of the game’s entities) onto the map wherever you want. Save it and done. All the hard work (modeling, animation, physics and coding) are already done by game designers and handled by the engine without needing your attention (unless you want to edit the attributes of said vehicle).


@sNaKe thank you. @Gus1050 like snake stated, you can look up all this via google.

And the main thing is …
Is its not easy what so ever or we would all be making our own mods !

You know there is a button for that, right?

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No ma boi

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