How to mute specific applications in Windows 7!

I was looking in to it, because some websites are full of advertisements, and sadly, a lot of them have sound. It also helps if you like listening to music and want to mute everything BUT the music. It’s really simple, and if you didn’t know how yet, you’ll probably feel dumb after I tell you.

  1. Right click the speaker icon
  2. Click “Open Volume Mixer”
  3. Find the application (IE, Firefox, Chrome) you want to mute
  4. Turn the volume of the app down with the slider
    I posted this to help anyone who didn’t know about this like I didn’t until 5 minutes ago.

Thanks now I can actually enjoy my music while surfing the web.


i can use keygens and listen to music :smiley:

People didn’t know this…?

I got taught this kinda stuff at school…

Lol if it wasn’t for keygens, I wouldn’t have known how to do this.

i love this now i can mute people who spam me :smiley:

sorry i don’t know everything about computers, tech whiz. :laughing:

an operating system that’s over a year and 7 months old and people are just finding this out ohhh dear me …

i just got windows 7 a couple months ago, please stop flaming.

im soooo…confused as to how you didnt know this?

i’m sooo confused as to why you think i’m on my computer tweaking and looking through every little detail all day?

Oh god. This is common sense. If you did not know how to do this you are a moron. I knew how to do this since I was 10.

Sup, I’m a flame…

OT: Thanks.

Haha Nice… Good for when your using Multiple Browsers :wink:

are you 11 or something? windows 7 hasn’t been out that long