How to 'noclip' on Minecraft

Firstly download the mod pack by clicking here

Then go to “C:\Users[Your username]\AppData\Roaming.minecraft\bin”

Open minecraft.jar with 7zip

Delete the “META-INF” folder inside of minecraft.jar

Extract the files from the mod pack you downloaded earlier, move all the contents in the classes folder and put them in minecraft.jar

Now go to “C:\Users[USERNAMEHERE]\AppData\Roaming.minecraft” and create a new folder called “mods” then make a folder inside of mods names “zombe”

Then drag all the files inside the folder “config” folder into the “zombe” folder.

I’ve activated fly mode for you, but if you want to edit the controls open the config file, I edited it so fly mode will toggle when N is pressed, Q and E to move up and down.


Works in multiplayer and single player :smile:

Credit to Explicit from HF.

Oh i have this. It’s fun.

I’m using it now :smiley:

this is amazing i use it its epic <3 nice post

i have 7zip & i still can’t open the minecraft.jar file. help!

I just right click on the file and choose 7-Zip then open archive:

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I can’t use it :S can anyone help?

ah ok, i get it now. i got the rest of the process just fine, so noclip works for me. thanks for the help Elliot! :smile:

also, this might be a dumb question to ask, but if i play Multiplayer & use noclip, can i get banned from the server or something?

I doubt it :expressionless: Depends on who owns the server.

Sweet :smiley: wanted to know how to do this.

haha nice post :smiley: im going to use this nao :stuck_out_tongue:

alright, i’ll keep that in mind. thanks again! :smiley:

Nice job rewording my tutorial.

and you’re MOTM? :laughing:

awesome thanks

Elliot, you saw this on HackForums.
Give credit.

Elliot, please give meh teh helps. Or Cody (:

it says im missing log.txt wen i join my server that 1 mod has failed

failed to load configuration from config

You aren’t doing it right.