How to play almost any Pokemon game on your iPhone/iPod touch

Well i thought this was pretty cool and since i haven’t seen a tutorial i guess i will make one.

* Requirements*
Jailbroken iPhone
General knowledge…

1. Add these sources…

2. Getting the GBA emulator

In Cyda>Manage>Sources>SiNfuL iPhone Repo, find gpSPhone Cracked

Install it.

3. Getting the roms

go to Cydia>Manage>Sources>4pp13 Team repository

find the package that ends with a §, this has all games that start with a P or Pokemon.

Install it.

Now go to gpSPhone, and you shall find a crap load of pokemon games all for you enjoyment, and on the go :smile:

Last step: PLAY!

Yeah I have so many roms on ipod touch. I <3 emulators.

Doing it now.

Worked, just tested it! Now I can sell this tutorial to my stupid friends at school!

HOLY ****!!! I love you <3
When I get an I pod touch for my Birthday I’m using this everyday <3

Once pokemon Black&white release il make on for this too :wink:

i luv emulators

Have any other sources that have emulators? Post them in your topic!

Cool! Any other games? Where can I find Super Mario World?

Sinful iPhone has a fully working NES, SNES, N64, GameBoy Color, and Gameboy advanced emulators. ( all cracked of course )

Not sure. try some other emulators and such with the Sinful iphone source…

the SNES has super mario world im pretty sure