How to play Origin games without Origin Client

As many of you know, Origin sucks dick.
So here’s how you can play Battlefield 3, or any Origin game without actually using Origin.

  • Battlefield 4 & Other [Origin] Games:
  • First visit Outcome and download the application.
  • Second you need to patch your games .par file. This trick removes the base Origin requirement from games.
  • After, you need to install and run Outcome. After running it, login with your Origin account, wait for the confirmation, and then you’re ready.

Battlefield 3:
First, visit this site:
Origin Requirement Remover - by NoFaTe

Now you want to find your parameters file for Battlefield 3.
Navigate to this directory and upload your ‘bf3.par’ file.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Battlefield 3

C:\Program Files\Origin Games\Battlefield 3

Lastly, download your modified file and replace the old one. (Directories above)
Now you can launch, and play BF3 with one less process heavy program in the back.

How do I play my game?
Join a BF3 server here and just hit play, the game will launch.
Server Browser - Battlelog / Battlefield 3

For other games, simply go to your program files and find the .exe and create a shortcut. This makes it easy to play on Steam.

my guess is that you still need a legit copy of it?

well you need to login to battlelog to play which requires an origin id.

Thanks Cody, you’re awesome :thumbsup:

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plz i want bf3.par file ?>>> give me it plz

Updated for Battlefield 4 & other Origin games.