How to play Warface in English

English patch is broken!
You can still follow this tutorial to get Warface. Here are images to help you out with the important stuff:

I’m making this tutorial for the people that want to play Warface. If you do not know what Warface is check it out here WARFACE - Crytek’s AAA4Free social FPS SERVICE

Currently it isn’t available in Western Country’s. Only in Russia, China, Korea.

In this tutorial we will be using the Russian version Because that will be the easiest.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial.

  • Navigate to Warface |
    Translate it to english if you like.
  • Click on this button

    A new page will load.
  • Now click on this button.

    It will download a file named “WarfaceLoader.exe”
    Run it once downloaded.
  • If you have done it correctly you will get thise window

    Check the checkbox. And press “OK”
    Make sure you allow it in Windows Firewall.
  • If done correctly you will get this window

    It started downloading automaticly. It might take a while to download.
    Pressing this button

    Will cancel the progress, So don’t press it :wink:
  • Once downloaded a green button will appear, press it.
  • A Dialog will appear, Press OK.

    It will now install some updates or something like that.
  • If it is done downloading another green button will appear, also press it.

    This dialog will pop up. Press the link behind the textbox from E-Mail.
  • A Website will load (translate to english to make it understandable).
    Enter your normal email address and a Nickname.
    After that press the red button at the bottom.
  • Go Back the Launcher and enter the credentials.
    Accept the Windows Firewall stuff.
  • Once the game is launched you will be asked to create a profile. Since you cannot use normal letters from
    the alphabet you need to create a name with only numbers (or you have a russian keyboard somewhere).
  • Start playing the game before it gets released in Europe/America :smiley:
English Patch(Broken)
  • Download this file: Mediafire - Warface English Pak
    Password: XboxMB
  • Open it up in WinRAR there will be 2 files
  • Now go to your AppData. You can go there by typing “%appdata%” in run or the searchbox on Windows 7
    Go down 1 Directory. So you will be in “AppData” and not “AppData\Roaming”
    Then navigate like this: Local > Mail.Ru > Warface > Game > Localized
    Note: If you changed the Install location navigate to that. and go into Game > Localized
  • Extract the 2 Files you downloaded earlier into that folder, overwritting the “Russian.pak” file. (You may create a backup of it if you want.)
  • Launch Warface using the Green button in the launcher or by clicking on the shortcut on your desktop.

Help it doesn’t start!
[INDENT]Play the game trough the Game Launcher. But instead of pressing the Green button press the link below the it and login again, it will directly launch the game.[/INDENT]

I hoped you learned something from this tutorial. I put a lot of time in it. :sunglasses:

Video Tutorial

Warface Tutorial Images - Imgur
Source from Localized.rar

I am having issues getting on the site…

What are the issues?

The website is not loading…

Its says:
“Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to

Weird I did not have that (obvious). Try using a Proxy based in Russia?

Thanks man! I got it to work, took sometime

EDIT: Is it safe to upload gameplay to youtube?

Yes, it is open to public in Russia, China, Korea.

but wont the whole game be in russian i cant read russian D:

… Mister did not read the tutorial I see?

So your saying it would be safe to upload to youtube on a U.S account?

I actually do not know if it is safe xD. I say go for it but. If you don’t want to get banned on YT ask YouTube if it is allowed.

i skipped #s 10,11,12 >.<

For some reason the game crashes while running FRAPS, Anyone else experiencing that?

Working just fine…

I know this would be considered a double post, but the game will not work for me now period…

Wow this game looks excellent, and really well put together tutorial! must hav taken quite sometime. Thanks.

Play the game trough the Game Launcher. But instead of pressing the Green button press the link below the it and login again, it will directly launch the game.

Just crashes, I can not even get past the character customization…do you have the Russian packs? The original ones?

Hey can anyone tell me how to add funds so I can upgrade my stuff.

lol must be a really good game if people are willing to go out of their way just to get it started