How to put Games on Demand on a Disc and Play

[size=20]Hey everyone, I’m here to show you how to put a Game on Demand onto a disc and play it (obviously since a lot of my threads are about Games on Demand :stuck_out_tongue: )

This is for people who do not have a transfer cable, device big enough to transfer games to, or just don’t have enough space

No flashed xboxs are needed. This works on normal consoles

If you are using one with a modded profile then you still need to have the profile on your HDD or a USB. All the other rules still apply with launching the game, but the game is just not on your HDD so you can save some room on it

Ok so first you will need the items below

ImgBurn (Direct Download)


DVD-R or CD-R (make sure its big enough to hold the game) (DVD+R Dont work. at least the duel layers dont work)

Once you have everything installed and ready to go follow the steps below to get it to work[/size]

Making the Folder Needed

[details=Open Me][size=20]Okay so first what you will want to do is make these folders (in the order its made and into one another)


(that is 16 zeros)

For Xbox 360 games you will need to have a folder titled 00007000

For Original Xbox Games you will need to have a folder titled 00005000

For Arcade Games you will need to have a folder titled 000D0000

For DLC you will need to have a folder titled 00000002 (this will go inside the folder with the game ID with one of the folders above)


Extracting GoD from HDD with correct Folders

[details=Open Me][size=20]Okay so you will need to extract your GoD from your HDD (Unless you have downloaded it from somewhere. If so skip the first step of this.) Unfortunately Horizon only gets the GoD and makes the last folder and file for it so you will need to make the other 2 needed (not a big deal. takes 2 seconds)

First open Horizon and go to the Tools Tab and choose Title ID Finder. Type in the game you are extracting from. For me it is Monopoly Streets. Once you find it, click on the game and hit the Copy ID button on the top right.

Next you will need to make a folder inside the 0000000000000000 Folder we made earlier. Name that folder the Title ID you just copied. After that make another folder inside of the title id folder and name it 00007000 (thats 4 zeros, 7, then 3 zeros or depending on what you are extracting into that folder i mentioned in the spoiler above).

If you have downloaded the GoD, then drag the folder with the game ID into the 0000000000000000 folder and skip the rest of this spoiler

The folders in the Data folder we made should now look like this (or depending on what you are extracting into that folder i mentioned in the spoiler above)

Now its time to place the GoD you just extracted into the 00007000 folder (or depending on what you are extracting into that folder i mentioned in the spoiler above).

Open your HDD in horizon and go to the GoD you wish to extract. Now extract it and the place you want to extract it to is to the 00007000 folder you made (or depending on what you are extracting into that folder i mentioned in the spoiler above). Once it finishes you should get this message from horizon (the long list of letters and numbers will very on the game you extracted. But if they’re long like this it is correct)


Making Data Folder Into ISO

[size=20][details=Open Me]Now you will need to open DoISO.

Go to the little bubble with the “…” inside it and click on that

Select the Data folder and hit ok

Should now look like this

Now hit the start button, name it “Data.iso” without the quotation marks and it will create the ISO for you.


Burning the ISO to a disc

[details=Open Me][size=20]Ok now we burn the ISO to the disc (make sure the disc is big enough)

Open up ImgBurn and choose write image file

Now go to tools, then settings, then go to the right tab and make your settings like mine

Now exit out of the settings and go back to the main area.

Now choose your Data.iso by click this and going to where your ISO is saved

Now that you’ve selected that, make sure you have your disc in and everything that is boxed below is like mine

Now hit write and let it write. It will take a while for it to finish depending on what you are putting on the disc.

You’re not done yet!

You still need to verify the disc (do not skip the process)

Also even though it says that it is 100% done and the green bar is filled, ITS NOT

Look at the picture below

Once that finishes you will get a message and your disc tray will pop out.

Close your disc tray again and then hit ok

If your disc tray doesnt pop out then check to see if that green bar is moving again. If so then you are good. Wait for it to finish verifying.

You will then get a nice little jingle and a message will pop up. Click Ok and take the disc out of your computer

Now put the disc in your xbox and go to your Game Library and you will see it there. If you are using a modded profile then launch the game how you would with the modded profile.

If you are using your account that bought it then just launch the game and play!!



[details=Open Me]If it were a real disc or a flashed xbox it would say install. But it doesnt and it desnt say delete either so its not on the hard drive


So you dont need to use a profile for this method other than your own?

you still do. it is just a way for people to have space on their HDD so they dont have 6gb of memory taking over on their HDD

if you are using your own GoD you bought then you just need the disc and your profile and just launch the game

Oh i see that’s actually really cool.

About to test it

i want a video showing it works

This has made me wanna download like 3 games that I want now lol thanks for posting :smile:

Cool Bro :open_mouth:

Need a flashed drive?

no. the disc will come up as a multi media disc so just go to your Game Library and it will be there

Cool thanks for the TuT :smile:

Nice tutorial. Good to know this works. I’ve never thought about trying, but I’m glad to know it’s possible to do this.

Works just tested it

Thanks bro.

Updated thread with Proof it works

Wow… never though this was possible, going to try it out sometime!

This is very helpful thanks!

Does it matter what discs we use?

Kinda old. But will help people who didn’t know.

it says in the topic what discs you can use. as long as theyre big enough to hold the game you can use it basically

Well, guess I’m getting Diamond again so I can download some games.