How to quickscope in Black Ops (AFTER PATCH)

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quick hard scope is the new name >.<

Looks legit to me, good find babe.

lol Ikr

Quard Scope? :stuck_out_tongue:

epic fall at 38 secs :smiley:

Damn, JD_2020 is a *****. I know it wasn’t him alone but still…

agreed right on the spot lol

Not really quick scoping.

This is called drag scoping I believe and I do this all the time :smiley:
Quick scoping is over rated

no quickscoping is dead.

Not really. Quickscoping is just fun for me. Some people are pro at it, but that’s when it gets over rated.

this is good to know

I’d prefer to not quick scope. I’ll just be running around with the Spectre shooting all the people trying to quick scope lol

I think drag scoping is a lot more fun. Plus you have less chance of missing :smiley:
I am still very sad that treyarch messed up the sniper system for this game bit oh well that’s what happens when JD_2020 get’s quick scoped by random people… :smiley:

why did they end quickscoping? it didnt hurt anyone. it was fun i hate JD_2020

I think now would be a great time for me to mention how much I love JD_2020. I mean he’s just an all around great guy and I bet Black Ops will be the best game ever solely because of his presence in it’s creation.

At around 40, when he hit him, physics applied, and he went flying backwards O_o

Exactly. Quickscoping is gone. Period. All these videos kids keep posting prove no differently. Just because you scope in and fire off a quick shot doesn’t mean it’s the same as that crap was in Modern Warfare 2.

this isnt quicksoping :expressionless: