How to R-JTAG any Phat HDMI Xbox 360

What you will need

  1. Soldering Iron, Solder, and Flux

  2. JR-Programmer v2

  3. R-JTAG Starter Kit
    R-JTAG Ultimate Kit (you will not need item 2 or 3 if you buy this kit)

  4. NAND-X QSB v3 (you only need this if you purchased the starter kit)

  5. NAND-X Wire Install Cable (you dont need this if you get the ultimate kit)

Identifying what Xbox motherboard you have

Open Me

Installing the JR-Programmer Drivers

Open Me

NOTE: Installing the driver for the JR-Prgrammer is the same as the NAND-X but instead of using the NAND-X driver use the JR-Programmer driver
JR-Programmer Drivers

Reading the NAND
DO NOT - I REPEAT - DO NOT ATTEMPT TO WRITE ANY TIMING FILE TO YOUR R-JTAG. They are pre-programmed. Writing any other timing file to the R-JTAG without instruction from T-X may result in permanently damaging it

NOTE: You must be on dash 15574 or above to perform this hack

  1. Solder the NAND-X wires like so: [details=Open Me]
  2. Then download J-Runner HERE
  3. Plug the power brick into the console and plug the NAND-X wire cable into the JR-Programmer but do not turn on the console
  4. Open J-Runner and plug in your JR-Programmer and click Read NAND. After that select what type of console you have

Installing the R-JTAG chip
The chip itself and all the points you will be soldering to:

Open Me

NAND-X QSB v3 installation:

Open Me

Chip soldered to the NAND-X QSB:

Open Me

Post QSB (included in both kits):

Open Me

CPU_RST Point:

Open Me

Alternate CPU_RST Point: [details=Open Me]


JTAG QSB (included in both kits):

[details=Open Me]



[details=Open Me]


Final placement of the chip:

Open Me

Writing Xell Reloaded/obtaining the CPU key

  1. In the Source File box select your previously dumped NAND and select what NAND type you have
  2. Tick the JTAG radio button
  3. Select AUD_CLAMP On or OFF depending on the JTAG QSB installation
  4. Create xell reloaded
  5. Make sure your Xbox has power but is not turned on
  6. Then Write xell reloaded
  7. Boot to xell, get cpu key

Writing the NAND

  1. In the Source File box select your previously dumped NAND and select what NAND type you have
  2. Tick the JTAG radio button
  3. Select AUD_Clamp depending on the JTAG QSB installation
  4. Select what dash you want under the dash dropdown menu
  5. Then click create image
  6. After creating the image plug your JR-Programmer into the PC if it is not, and connect it to the console
  7. Plug in the console to power but do not turn the console on
  8. Click write NAND
  9. Once done unplug the JR-Programmer and turn the console on
  10. If the console boots and you can run unsigned code then you are done, enjoy:).

Most of the credit goes to Team Xecuter for the guide and the exploit.
Some credit goes to me for writing the tutorial.
Source: R-JTAG Installation Source

i wonder if u can do a rgh tut.but +rep nice jtag tut and im looking forward to rgh a xbox but i already know how to jtag,i just dont know how to rgh a xbox 360

HERE is a tutorial on how to RGH and phat HDMI Xbox 360

i’m actually selling my slim and replacing it with a good condition elite soon, so i might just be coming back to this thread once i do. thanks!

If all I want to do is get my cpu key, dvd key because my drive is dead, do i need to install everything?

Yes, but you only need to write Xell to get the key. After that just de-solder all the wires/QSBs and write back your original NAND

So if I buy the ultimate kit, will I still need to buy the NAND-X Wire Install Cable? I’m assuming that the R-JTAG Install Wires listed as the contents in the ultimate kit are the same, but I’d like to be 100% sure before I drop the money on this and it turns out I’m missing parts.

No you wont need the NAND-X wire install cable. That cable is only if you dont install the QSB v3. The QSB v3s have nand-x connectors on them and you use one of the cables inside the Ultimate Kit. You will see what you plug into the QSBs when you install them.


I already R-JTAGED my xbox using this guide. If i want to R-JTAG my little brothers xbox aswell what do i need then? Only the starter kit?

If you already have a JR-Programmer all you need is the starter kit.

Great thanks.

Is there a guide for R-JTAG to slim models?

There are multiple slim motherboards that need certain chips and certain other hardware. If you have a slim i would identify what type it is and then message back saying what type it is so i can provide links to the guide and hardware to buy.

Thank you for the support. Is there any limitation on dashboard version with the slim models? or is it like the phat with no limitations.

Any Xbox 360 can be RGHed no matter what dashboard they are on.

Hi again NMods.

Can i use a 20W Soldering iron? I don’t have 40w like the one you’re referring to in the guide.

Thx in advanced.


Also is flux requiered? I can’t seem to get it anywhere in my country. Can i make the soldering without it?

A 20W soldering iron will work as long as it melts the solder. Flux is highly recommended and from personal experience i would get it if you can.

Could you please post the link or procedure of rjtag without using the qsb v3. You see I am a newbie on this whole thing and I have mistakenly ordered the jr programmer v2 and the starter kit. Thanks in advance.

Wow nice tutorial bro no longer sell the starter kit or the ultimate kit, nor does any other website that I’ve found because they are either discontinued or out of stock. It looks like I’m stuck with my un-modified Xbox 360 for now…