[How-To] Remove Creative Mode Flag from Map to return to Survival mode

[How-To] Remove Creative Mode Flag from Map to return to Survival mode

Written by OmegaxVenom of TTG

fairchilds decompression and compression mediafire.com/?52gl4es57awfs1c
hxd hex editor search online for this tool
and plenty of time and patience

first take your save on the xbox and load up horizion
you will then load the save in horizion and get your save.dat
then follow this video

then once you have your decompressed save load up hxd
open your decompressed save and search for creative

first highlight from gametype to to size on disk this is
where most the code will be editing is

then we want to find the first bit of code

change this code to 00 00 03

next we want to find the part where is says

for you it will be x or z plus 2 dots

change this too
ff ce 61

next find spawn to time
highlight the part i have light up and change the code to 00 00 00 60

next change the part i have highlighted to 00

ok once this is done compress your save should look identical to mine here

once you put the save back on profile rehash resign
the put back on xbox switch to survival on menu gamesave then start it (The flag will pop up)
then save and quit and load again (Flag shouldn’t come up this time) and walla you have leader boards once again (Enjoy)

Pictures need to be fixed

damn I was off by one step months back when I tried this out, but now since I know to save \after modding it I will give it a try thanks dude

You save game, then exit without saving, good deals lol.

o ok thanks ill give it a try

also thanks for showing my video

doesn’t work

You don’t have to do all that, just do step one.

then we want to find the first bit of code

change this code to 00 00 03

Save rehash blar blar, Load the game up, it will say it was done in creative, save and exit then reload, back to survival

tried still doesnt work

I’m also having problems doing this. Any 1 seen a new tutorial?

I’m also having some trouble with this, if I loaded my save would someone be willing to do this for me?

I had a world that was started in survival and played on for hours, started it up in creative on accident, did this. It worked for me one time. I haven’t been able to get it to work since. Not even on that same save. Try removing the Minecraft info file. Booting offline, ect.

its common sense to not post a tut on something that can’t be repeated

I posted it because it did work. Then the update hit, it stopped working. Cry me a River of Troll tears, or figure out why it only worked once on one world. Really not my problem since I play Survival Anyways.

Plz fix the pics

Can any one verify if this still works

I reported this to be closed, seems the update stopped this, or there’s more steps that are missing. I posted this because I used it on my own world some time ago. It worked, but strangely enough, I never got it to work again.

The only things I did that I recall doing that are not included in the tutorial were deleting the .info file off my flashdrive, and loading it as an offline game in survival, save game, then hit exit and save.

Good Luck if your aim is to crack this.

Hey man fix the pics!!! Please