How to report trainers that not working?!


today i pay 6,99€ to use two trainers.

cepehus protocol and Police Shootout.

no old trainer, but before i buy i cant see for which version it working or which version it needed to function.

both trainers work.

for the first cepheus it gave to version inside. old unreal engine 4 versionsnumber 07… and the new version UE5 versionnumber 1.1.1.

trainer didnt work.

the second game is police shootout and thjis didnt work too.

how can i try, testing or see the versionnumber to check BEFORE i pay?

and how can i report trainer by trainer?!

i am know much and i am not new. i used trainer from mr antifun before and before it goes to wemod.

i have some experience on this here.

i also use a different trainer and trainer apps, (not runng right know or on same time) and i know how trainer apps and using worked.

so it is no problem to use it.
so the problem is not on my side.

please check it and let me now.

and please make it all better to inform people or let trainer check version or write version in big to see it before anyone pay for it.

thanks for your tiem and work.