How to RGH Brought to you By Brad

I know this is a lot to read but trust me, if you read this whole article, Noobs and Non-Noobs then you will have a better understanding of how to do a reset glitch hack. Reading can teach you so much more than a video in projects like these.
Alright everyone I will first introduce myself,
I am Brad I enjoy modding consoles and I know my stuff, for the most part. Well thats enough about me.
The reason this is being posted is because once upon a time I was a person who had experience in JTAG’ing consoles but I did not know what this RGH thing was. I did not know what I would need to purchase in order to do this exploit or what software I would need. I understand there is a roadmap found Here but it’s a pretty rocky road that I’m about to pave.

Money Is To Be Spent
What you need to purchase
-Microsoft Xbox 360 Console
-Team Xecuter CoolRunner
-JR Programmer*
-Xecuter Demon**
*You only need to purchase EITHER a nand-x or a JR Programmer
**If you are doing a dual nand you only need to purchase a Demon and a Coolrunner there is no need to purchase a Nand-X or a JR-Programmer

UPS Came To Visit
-First of all, after your newly purchased equipment arrives you need to download a program called J-Runner which can be found HERE and you need to proceed with installing the J-runner Drivers which can be found HERE
-Next, get a console, Slim or Phat (Except Xenon) and wire up your Nand-X or JR-Programmer to it a tutorial for this can be found HERE
-Next thing to do is dump the nand using J-runner. Hit the button called “Read Nand” . Once the nand has been dumped twice make sure they compare.

Open Me

-After they successfully compare direct your eye towards the “Nand Info” tab and look at the information relating to the 2BL[CB]. Refer to this excerpt taken from the RoadMap

Cb Version Chart

2.0.8498 - 2.0.14699: RGH v1
CB versions
Xenon: 1922 - 1940.
Zephyr: 4571-4579.
Falcon/Opus: 5771.
Jasper: 6750, 6751.
Trinity: 9188
Corona: 13121

2.0.14717-2.0.14719: RGH v2
CB versions
Xenon: NOT RGHable
Zephyr: 4575
Falcon/Opus: 5772/5773
Jasper: 6752/6753
Trinity: 9230
Corona: 13180
If the CB version of the NAND Image you dumped matches on of the ones above then your all set and your ready to glitch. Chances are you will be able to glitch if everything checks.

If you made it here, you’re lucky
The following guide below is for a single boot RGH Console akaNOT DUAL BOOT. Dual Booting Tutorial can be found directly below

Once everything checks out and you have two matching dumps use J-Runner to create an ECC file from your two nand dumps. Assuming your SPI Device (Nand-X or JR-Programmer) is connected you can write the ECC to the Nand. This will put your console in a non-booting state and the only way to get it booted is to glitch the console with a coolrunner.

Open Me

Open Me

At this point we need to program the Coolrunner chip. To do this you should use your Nand-x/JR-Programmer along with the Programming wire to connect it to the bare CoolRunner pins. Make sure the red wires lines up with the "VCC"pin. Once the wire is connected double check and make sure the CoolRunner is set to program mode. There is a tiny witch that is labeled either Nor—Pro make sure it’s set to program. Once all the layer 1 stuff is handled hit the button called “Flash Coolrunner” and choose the settings respectively considering your CB version and console version.

Open Me

It’s is okay to play with the timing files but in most cases Jasper will work best with Jasper ect…
Proceed with the install of the coolrunner respectively considering your CB version and which RGH method to use(There are only two methods). For example if I have a Jasper that has CB 6750 I will use RGH(1) wiring. To see images of the install start J-Runner and go to Image>Coolrunner Phat/Slim, the pictures pretty much define what you need to solder. Also here are some tutorials others have written.
PHAT [size=20][b][u]SLIM[/u][/b][/size]

Open Me

As you start soldering the wires this is a perfect time to do a general test to see if you mis-soldered anything. I do my test by making sure the console turns on, then I hot glue the wire down.

NOTES: Some wire that I don’t test are power and ground since there pretty much straight forward.
The reason I test his way is say for example wireB if soldered wrong the console will not turn on, therefore I solder it make sure the console will power on and then hot glue it. This will save a lot of time. Wire B C D are important ones to test especially D which is the rst line.
Once you have the coolrunner all wired up plug in the power to the Xbox 360. At this point the Red Power Light should be on the CR. Now turn the console on. At this point the CoolRunner should flash Green Once or twice and the Xbox will boot. Copy your CPU key once Xell boots and your good to make an RGH Image.

NOTE: For Xell to boot I had my CAP Open and the Phat Jasper 16MB console set to slim on the cool runner. For my image to boot I had to close the cap and set the switch to PHAT
Finish Strong
Now that you have your CPU Key From Xell input it into J-Runner and if you did this correctly you should see some information become unlocked. At this point you just need to hit “Create Image” and respectively choose the options. Once the image is create and hit the button called “Write Nand” ( Assuming your spi device is connected) and then wait.
Once the write is finished you should be able to boot in to a reset glitch console running an exploited kernel.

Open Me

Open Me

My Install

Open Me

Open Me

Open Me

Open Me

Open Me

Links Used (Credits to be given by linking)
RGH ‘roadmap’ for n00bies -…ead.php?t=78885
Drivers for NandX and JR-Programmer -…ead.php?t=85709
NandX/JR-Programmer Install Tutorial -…ead.php?t=84696
CoolRunner Install PHAT - http://team-xecuter…ead.php?t=86539
CoolRunner Install SLIM - http://team-xecuter…ead.php?t=86641
Xecuter Demon PHAT Install -…ead.php?t=88106
Xecuter Demon SLIM Install -…ead.php?t=88107

to post an image is:

Yeah I got it.
Updated first post with pics and those awful spoiler tags you new kids like.

Umm why not just buy the qsb and make your life a whole lot easier?

I never said you couldn’t :stuck_out_tongue:
This is kind of like a barebones RGH. You don’t “need” a qsb but yes they will make it a lot easier. I Didn’t use it in my box because I didn’t have it and because I’m pretty confident with my solder skills.

Solder skills or not they are still highly recommended by everyone on TX and only cost $2 each.

I understand that, I do not understand your replies, I’ve already explained to you that the QSB are nice to have. They make the job easier. They are like the holy grail for modders who can’t handle detailed soldering. Though they are not required. Yes I would use them, but if I do not have them then I will make work without them as they are not required and if I want to use my RGH now I will use it now.

Again if your trying to say something I don’t think I am understanding you, two replies now and you have said the same exact thing.

So , Is it possible to play on one xbox thats not JTaG/RGH and connect it to a JTaG/RGH and send mods over and play online?? Sorry I’m new to JTaG/RGH. USB and Coding noob.

Through system link if there infections then yes

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