How to sell KV's

I been wondering how should I go about getting kv’s so that I can get into the market. I have a good amount of money to get started and was hoping someone here to point me in the right direction on how to get some kvs to start. I also was wondering how to get a bulk of kvs to sell.

You wont be gaining any profit just letting you know ure going to lose more money than you get. Plus theres to many unfaithful guys out there that do charge backs and **** its a really difficult buisness to get into atm a couple years ago I would of said go for it but now it’s not worth it. unless you have a supply of broken xbox 360s that havent been banned and can extract the kv with the cpu key.

My guess is the majority of KV sellers pull them off broken xbox that they have bought to JTAG/RGH, you probably wont gain any money any more since they are only like $15

I need a RGH xbox anyone selling?

Yes I’m sell a rgh are trying to buy

Thread has been dead for 2 years.
And i think the no trade/sell/buy policy from old times still exist

@Chris close?