How to spawn coloured wool in minecraft

so this is just a quick little thread im making to inform everyone of how you spawn coloured wool in minecraft im making this as i have seen a lot of people dying it and stuff and i just thought this would help them out

so the command is the same but you may have a different giveme command

/giveme 35/woolcolouridhere howmanyhere

example: /giveme 35/1 64 would give you 64 orange wool.

wool colours!

0 	 	white

1 	 	Orange

2 	 	Magenta

3 	 	Light Blue

4 	 	Yellow

5 	 	Light Green

6 	 	Pink

7 	 	Gray

8 	 	Light Gray

9        	Cyan

10 		Purple

11 	 	Blue

12 	 	Brown

13 	 	Dark Green

14 	 	Red

15 	 	Black 

hope it helps!

Thank you for this…

Very useful.

I needed this :thumbsup:

and for singleplayer…

[MOD] Single Player Commands [1.2-BETA|V2.2] - Minecraft Forums

hey it is now working for me ive done everything u said kan u help and im on a imac