How to stream music/ internet radio to your xbox

This tut will show you how to stream music/ internet radio to your xbox

Remember this streams EVERYTHING your pc plays.

  1. First you need to download Jamcast from Jamcast - All Your Music Anywhere in the World

  2. Once installed double-click the tray icon to open the configuration window. Next click on devices and “Find” it will not find it straight away, you may need to click the button a few times.

    -Please note: You xbox and PC must be on the same network, and both must be switched on (duhh)-

  3. Once you have seen your xbox in “Devices” open up Spotify or any other streaming music thingy.

You can use ANYTHING that would normally play thorugh your PC speakers.

  1. Now on your xbox, scroll accross to “Music Libary” and then select, “YOUR-PC: Jamcast”

  1. Now goto “Saved Playlists” and then “Virtual Soundcard” then play!

If you use ICS (bridge your xbox through your PC) it will work much better, no lag in the sound etc…

Credit to xXCoNdEmErXx

excellent! a tutorial worth the read! nice one!

Moved to Xbox 360 Tutorials. Nice tut!

Didn’t see that section :smiley: thanks

Nice thread! I shall try this.

Great Tut Bro, I Will Try This Later

Anyone got a torrent for a cracked Jamcast Nice tut btw:)

Ive been looking for one but can’t find one :cry:
The trial might just carry on though like some do

+1 for you :smiley: Now I’m listening to my favorite radio station while on Reach

old. and for some reason I remember seeing this here before O.o
btw, If your firewall’s broken this wont work ^^

14 day trial. Hurr durr. you just make a new account every time. also, I’ll do some looking for a cracked version. but i can only post it in diamond.

I searched and couldn’t find it >.> :stuck_out_tongue:

worth the read , thanks.

Dude wtf is going on with the guy above me

Nice tutorial, But why not just Windows Media player? It has the streaming ability for Xbox 360.

Open Me


It does? I never knew that.

Finally something like Connect360 for the mac’s, on windows. Thank’s for the share!

Yeah it does.

But OT; To the OP this is very nice the Radio streaming is one thing that is unique about this

It has for a very long time. pre NXE.

Does this work while you are playing a Game such as Cod ect.