How to trick you parents with your grades if yourschoolusespowerschool

If your school uses the painfully evil grade checking website PowerSchool (created by Pearson School Systems), here’s a quick and easy way to change your grades to show off or to prove to your mom that you’re a good student.

  1. Log in to the page that displays your grades. Simple enough.

  2. In the URL bar, we’re going to use Javascript to be able to edit any page at any given time.

2A. Enter this into the URL bar:

jdocument.body.contentEditable=‘true’; document.designMode=‘on’; void 0 and press enter

Basically, all it does is turn on design mode and make all content editable.

  1. Change your grades to 100’s.
    Note: THIS ONLY STAYS UNTIL YOU REFRESH THE PAGE. The best method is to either print out or to show your parents the screen WITH the URL bar cleared (without refreshing).

  2. Either print it out or show it off.

  3. Success! Happy grade changing! Thumbsup

Notice: This Javascript code is also very effective when you’re trying to show a noob your 1337 hacking skills, or to exploit a friend.

“Hey, mom…I got a 9999.9% on my math this year :smile: I’m gonna get real far in life!”

haha i know :stuck_out_tongue: , i just decided to help people out who get grounded because of their grades

Is this allowed? Isn’t this considered harmful tutorial?

  1. Pay attention in class and stop being an idiot.

This can also be done with snapgrades as well.

We get mailed our grades, dad checks mail every day.

They ground you because they want you to be successful in life and not be a useless piece of s***.

Or just do good and school and do something with your life. Don’t be an idiot like me and drop out of school and not care about your grades. I dropped out only a few months ago and already regret it. I’m most likely going to go back. Just get through your years of school and do something good with your life.

Or actually study in school and make legit grades to show.
If you have to fake your grades, theres something wrong with you.

This is the part when they find out your lying and they lose all trust and faith in you.

Students occasionally visit websites such as and where they are assisted to cheat on their grades. How hilarious???!!