How to unban yourself from MW3/ all COD games

Your going to need 1600 Microsoft points

The idea is MW3 bans people for boosting, or exploiting stuff from the game but in reality they are banning your gamertag.

For instance I was banned from MW3 for boosting and no doubt I did it :stuck_out_tongue: , My old gamertag was Alpharecon 5 changed it and Wala…Yes I was reset, but the benefit is you get to enjoy the game without waiting. (I was permanently banned by the way)


[details=Open Me]1. You want to check how long is your ban. This wont be neccessary if it’s only for a few days.

  1. When ready be logging into the game. For example be at the Xbox live menu

  2. When decided change the gamertag now, give the game a few minutes(10-15 minutes)
    and back out into the menu.

  3. Go back into multiplayer and click xbox live, at first it should take some time to get back onto server but technically your tricking the server into believing your new player.

  4. Then just click find match and your on your way.[/details]

This method is simple but risky. I know your going to ask for proof but I didnt think it wouldve worked when I tried it aswell.

All I can say is if you check me now I’m currently on the servers as my new Gt: Zg Infected.

Happy Unbanning :smile:

Wouldn’t this lead to a Console Ban?

I never asked for 1600 as I stated you will need 1600 please don’t troll…read before you post

What are you on about?
He’s not scamming?
Where in this thread does it say “Give me 1600 MSP”?

I’ve had no sleep. Kinda loopy. and obviously from you what you qouted me on was that I misread.
Sorry for the trouble.

I think he ment to quote on what you said before does not matter though…

They ban you for life for boosting?

I consecutively boosted. ehh for example I got banned about 4 times before I was impermanently banned.

Pretty sure they don’t ban your gamertag, but ban your XUID instead. I doubt this works, but if it does, then that’s just ******ed.

This, op it won’t work.

I wont pass your judgement or your explanation, but if you ever edited your Profile Id, You will release it changes the whole value, so in theory its considerably saying your a new player…but like i said its a risk your going to have to take…well not you but its just for people who want to try.

No, only because Microsoft does not have anything to do with mw3 servers

it doesnt work i was banned off black ops for doing the prestage glitch in combat training and i changed my gamer tag a month ago to see if i could go bak on and i couldnt so it doesnt work

I did this about 2 weeks ago and it seemed like the only way I bypassed the ban…so I think it’s. Like a 50/50 thing but I Agee I would believe this wouldn’t work at times but it worked for me

How can this work, they ban your XUID, not Gamertag?

This is correct. Friend was banned via XUiD.

nice tut but maybe a video for some proof

Like what Sweat said. XUID, Not Gamertag.

Same on PC. you don’t get unbanned from a server if you change your name. They ban your ID’s.

meh this isBS i tried doing this myself to see if it did anything I was perm banned for modding release day and this didn’t work , it doesn’t “trick” the servers one bit FAIL

btw even with a new xbox same accounts tagged I tried that too so only way out of server ban is a new account or wait :smile:

worst tut ever, i understand it, i think after i read it 5 or so times, worded super weirdly