How to use an xbox 360 controller with Cod 4 PC

A quick tut I made.

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Thanx SilentKiller sk

thank god now i can pwn noobs twice as hard

Not really.
Mouse and keyboard give you a greater advantage. Lol.

It all depends on the person playing :wink:

Not at all.
A mouse is more accurate then a joystick, that’s proven and implemented into games.

Why do you think every console shooter game has auto-aim (aim assist)?
Because without it, killing would be nearly impossible. It’s like trying to kill your teammate in Halo.

Mouse is limitless, where as an analog is limited.

Don’t thank god…thank me, JK (im not asking for a thanx it was a joke)

i agree with cody, mouse + keyboard is better IMO, easier to aim, but if you’re generally a console gamer go with the controller

on-topic: good tutorial i’ll definitely give this a try

I love xpadder, i have been using it for years and paid for it a will back (got to support indie developers). I used to use this for ever day tasks but i hated how the chatpad never had any drivers. but some people just created drivers for it not to long ago (i never tested it since i lost my chatpad) here is a link to the drivers

True i got cod4 Pc and suck with Mouse
i need to get controller as im use to it and ill play Much better with it.

nice man keep it up.

How would I be able to “map” two keys to one button? For example, I want to press the “B” button down once to crouch, and then I want to hold the “B” button to go prone. I’d also like to do the same with the “X” button, mainly for reloading and picking up weapons.

when you map a button click on "advanced"
in there you can set “Hold zones” and “releases zones”. to use one button for multiple actions.
so for EX: you using the “B” button (controller button), in advanced have it A,“holdzone”,C. so now when the “B” Button is pressed done from 0-.1 seconds “A” will be pressed, then if the “B” button is held for longer then .1 seconds “C” will be pressed.(you can adjust timing)

If you need a pic for help I will have to get off my chrome book and onto my pc.

It worked like a charm! Thank you very much!

Add some pauses so it will not hold the keys strokes down just taps it.

and if any one wants any new features i can post those up on since i paid for it.

mouse is far superior. but i don’t like using a keyboard so much. i get lost with some keys sometimes and WASD + left shifting is too much of a stretch and hurts my fingers after a while lol.

I just did, thanks for all of the tips, it’s making this much better.

Damn it! I just uninstalled Vuze ugh!

If any one wants me to I can give you guys the latest version.
5.6 is from 2009
the latest stable version is from dec 2010
and their are know “nightly” builds that are like beta builds latest is 2/2/11
I will only give it out to Diamond members or people I like.

The only PC game I play with my Xbox controller is GTA IV

If you have an Xbox 360 controller then you have an Xbox 360.
If you have an Xbox 360 then you have COD4.

IMO, keyboard and mouse PWN, I dont see why anyone would want to use an Xbox360 with the PC. Just use the Xbox. hahah and if your on this forum site, than I can bet you have an Xbox.