How to use horizon updated

sense the new update has came out i decided to make a tut on how to use the theme creator, avatar award unlocker and the game adder
Game Adder

  • open horizon
  • go to profile mods
  • click game adder
  • open your profile
  • choose the game u want to add
  • hit add selected game to queue
  • do that to every game you want
  • then when finished hit queue button
  • then add queue to profile
  • save and rehash and resign
  • Put your profile back on the xbox 360
  • go look at your gamerscore the games should be there

Theme Creator

  • go to google
  • find pictures you want
  • save them
  • open horizon
  • go to tools
  • hit theme creator
  • hit load image for main,game library,media, system settings
  • select picture
  • name the theme.
  • hit save for all of them
  • then hit save as.

Avatar Award Unlocker

  • open horizon
  • go to profile mods
  • hit avatar award unlocker
  • open your profile
  • choose game you want
  • hit unlock all displayed
  • save when finished
  • put profile on xbox 360
  • go to edit avatar
  • click awards
  • see if they are there.

i hope this really helped:thumbsup: