How to use Horizon

Dear Staff

i have just discovered Horizon and not sure what im doing.

I have fifa 15 on xbox 360 i would like to make modifications but what can i mod. I don’t play ultimate team yet i play regular online fifa 15.

I copied all fifa 15 files from xbox to usb flash drive just dont know what to do next or how the software works.

Please help

I’ll try to explain things for you.

After moving the file(s) needed for modding with an editor to your flash drive, plug it into your PC and open Horizon. You will locate the file you’re going to mod in the device explorer and double click on it to open it in the save editor or profile mods editor. Look for game saves in the games folder, and profiles in the profiles folder. After using the editor to modify your save you will use the red Save button to save your changes. You can now plug your flash drive back into your 360 and transfer the file(s) back.

That should help some. I’ve never used any of the FIFA tools so I can’t really help you with them, but I looked at the one for 15 just now and it looks very easy to use and understand.

i will try out what you have said not sure which file to edit so i may take a screen shot for you to see my files im trying to edit.

just wondering do you have any idea what can be modified on fifa 15? can i make the players faster more skillfull for online play?

Here are images of the 3 pages of the editor: [details=FIFA 15 Editor]


It looks very easy to use. You will probably be using the saved game file or a stats file. Not sure as I don’t play FIFA games. You could start by trying one and move on until you find the correct one. Horizon will only let you open the proper file in the editor.

Hi again

thank you for your continued help.

i think iv tried to do what you suggested but i dont know if im selecting the correct files from my USB but iv added some pics uploaded on youtube as a video

showing what i tried and also i got an error msg so i may be doing something wrong.

Pic 1 shows my fifa 15 file before opened
pic2 shows online squads the file i chose to extract to my computer and try to mod maybe im choosing the right file maybe not kinda working blind.
pic 3 shows error msg when i tried to add the extracted file to Horizon to Modify

Any further help would be greatly appreciated. I am normally very good with software so once i get to grips i shouldnt bother you too much more

Well that video is from Dec 2014 so it’s obviously not yours, or at least not current, and I don’t see any of your pics.

You don’t extract anything to your computer or desktop when using tools that are in the Horizon app, you load them directly from your device in Horizon’s Device Explorer to modify them, then you save after modding is completed.

I think I gave you pretty good instructions in my last few posts, so please give us more detailed info of your issue if you want us to provide additional help that will hopefully resolve your issue.

sorry don’t know how that happened. This i just need to know which file type to select from devise explorer heres the video:

Hi again

did you get my last msg as i am yet to receive a reply? Still in need of help to get started?

Hi again

did you get my last msg as i am yet to receive a reply? Still in need of help to get started?

Assuming that file isn’t corrupt, if you’re getting that error message than you are choosing the wrong file. I unfortunately do not know what file you should choose because I don’t play Fifa.

If it were me, I’d backup my save, and just try them all. One of them is bound to open and it would take like 5 seconds.

Hi thank you for the msg. Iv tried what you suggested most of them bring up this little box but i don’t know what to do next? please view on youtube[/VIDEO]

So if any of the files are the correct file, the box in the lower right that says “Mod Package” will be enabled. When you can click that button, you can mod that file.

iv copied over every file from xbox saved game file tried every file and none of them could be moded.

I’m really not sure what to tell you. You’ll have to ask/wait for one of the developers to help you out.

You can send a message to Cheater912 or unknown v2 althought he probably won’t get back to you as quickly as Cheater would.

Hello im trying to just use horizon and it doesnt even start it just say that horizon has stopped working… What do i do???

Hi Geozoide i sent a msg to cheater912 under sent emails it shows a closed envelope so think that meens his read it but no reply :confused:

Hi again. I’m uninstalling the software as im not getting any help on here so i give up