Hows my Top 10 Videos?

I’ll come back when I’m done eating lol

Should have given you all a heads up before watching hahah

It’s all good. I went to KFC once and got an order of potato wedges that were fused together with what seemed to be an afro puff. I went back through the drive through to complain and noticed most of the female employees had afro puffs going on. The manager just took it from me and tossed it in the garbage, I insisted that she look at what it was, but she refused and just gave me a refund. I never went back to that KFC.

That’s nasty. The manager didn’t sound to nice didn’t seem to interested. Least you got a refund imagine they offered you more potato wedges lol

I got a pube in a oreo mcflurry once. Gave it to a friend and he pulled out the pube and ate the rest

Wasted protein.

Carpet munchies.