[HTML] Looks funny in IE

I’m working on a website but when i launched in IE (i have windows 10) i looks the same as when launched in chrome, however the button is what got messed up.

The position is fine its the gradient that doesn’t show. its just gray. and also the image of the play button disappears.

I don’t know how it will look on firefox because i do not have it installed.

In chome:

In IE:

Why is this happening? I’m new to HTML btw so i’m learning as i go.

Google Chrome & Internet Explorer have different CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) Properties you can use.
Chrome supports damn near everything, meanwhile Internet Explorer supports only CSS properties.

In your .css file how are you making the Gradient?

Also remember to take into account Firefox.
I’ve had things work in both FF and IE, but not in Chrome.

Be sure to test in each main browser.