Huniepop game

Hi just want to know if you could make cheats for huniepop.

Vote for it

Ya like a nude code would be cool :grinning: !

You don’t need a code for that. only the patch that is available on the devs website

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I wanted to ask If the HuniePop Trainer is still in development. Since the last post, the game got enough votes to get cheats developed, and up until today was topping the request chart.
I put enough votes to get it on the Popular chart, but it has vanished from the chart, I got a big pile of votes back, but unlike The Crew, which explicitly can no longer be voted on and they admitted couldn’t be hacked due to the multiplayer component, HuniePop still can be voted on, It just went back to zero votes. If someone could at least clarify that HuniePop was deemed unhackable and that I should vote on something else, that would be great.

You will need to vote for Huniepop again.

Dammit was getting all excited to play now gotta vote again !

Any reason Huniepop got reset and the votes refunded or was it just a glitch?