I am alive. But are you?

Alright. Role call. Where are my OG xboxmb and horizonmb folks at? I ain’t been on here in a hot minute.

I see that @Chris is still here. What about @MrPrecise?


Frank/cheater is still here and so are some of the others. Mrprecise is too busy playing ESO to post.

@Chris that’s awesome. How have you been broski.

I still pop by on the regular. Mainly helping vault hunters get their BL DLC for free and helping with the few confused 360 players who make it here looking for a fix.

@SteveWonda there is the og broski. How have you been doing my brother?

Just trying to stay breathing! I don’t know man, life’s just weird these days but it was weird before too so I’m thinking I’m just a weirdo in weirdville.

Been good, just ready for covid to be over so I can have something else to do besides play games. How about your?

@Phoenix Hey dude, how are you holding up :slight_smile:

I understand that broski. I have been doing the same thing as well, except I am on a weird planet.

I have been busy myself. I got myself a job that pays really well. I am pretty much my own boss, and I get to drive a lot. No, I am not a taxi driver

@MrPrecise I am holding up as best as I can. Working as an amazon delivery driver is fun, but it can be a pain sometimes, but I enjoy it.

Ah, what’s the pain points of the job?
I suppose delivery is a risky business these days, due to covid?

It’s not really covid. It’s more about getting in an out of the vehicle up to 400 times per day, lifting a crap ton of packages, delivering in the heat or the cold.

The worst thing I have experienced was I had to deliver almost 400 pounds of water to a single address. I did that once, and I told myself that I wouldn’t forget this experience because it could happen again in the future.

Well, it happened again this past Monday. I got that same order and I kid you not, I said “I know where this water is ■■■■■■■ going. I don’t need to guess, I know!!!.”

Everyone around me started laughing.

Are you a Fake Taxi driver?

I guess the silver lining is that you didn’t have to take the water up a load of stairs in an apartment building? :man_shrugging: :laughing:

Hi, by the way. No, you don’t know me from the Xbox days.

400 pounds of water?
Do they not have water pipes to their house or something?
Someone are ready for the apocalypse