I am having crashes

Crashes that have experienced have been through Steam and are not hardware-related. Games will run with no issues with WeMod not running and when enabled primarily crash during cut scenes.

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First of all, please do not post on very old threads from years ago, because:

  1. This makes your posts more difficult to find.
  2. The old posts are about older versions of WeMod that no longer exist.

As for your issue, please be specific about exactly which game you are having the issue with.

You say it is not a hardware issue, but the fact the game crashes during cutscenes is a very common indication that either:

  • Your graphics driver (aka video card) is outdated.
  • You do not have enough RAM left over.
    • Ie - if the game requires exactly 16GB of RAM and your machine has exactly 16GB of RAM, there there isn’t much resources left over. Bear in mind other programs in the background are also using that RAM. Just because, for example, your machine comes with 16GB of RAM that doesn’t mean you have 16GB available to use when playing the game.