I can’t seem to unlock achievements when using WeMod

I haven’t been able to unlock achievements for games that have them while using WeMod, is there a fix or is that just how it is

What games are you having trouble unlocking achievements on?

Gears 4 and middle earth: shadow of war, both are from the windows store so they are Xbox achievements, not steam achievements

So xbox achievements are buggy, they can take months to pop. Not even exaggerating :neutral_face:

oh wow, alright, thanks for letting me know

I actually found the solution. It’s a problem with windows services not starting. I started 2 services and was getting achievements. It took some searching around and digging but I’m so glad I found a fix. As soon as I started the services the achievements started coming in

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Hello do you know what services it was im in the same boat and you had start them every time or just that one time