I can't activate some Cheats for Metro Redux 2022

Hello, this is my first time using wemod!

When trying to activate the tricks for Metro I have discovered that most of the tricks I cannot activate.
I have looked for information from people who have the same problem but I have not found any solution.

Can someone please help me? Thank you.

Also, sorry for the bad english, I am not a native speaker.

I’m guessing its metro 2033 redux ?
Do you have the steam version?
The trainer was made after the last game update so it should work fine
Sometimes a different game version will have problems with on/ off

Try MrAntiFun’s version of the trainer. I don’t believe it’s uploaded here on WeMod, but it’s available on his own personal website.
Just don’t use the “No Reload” cheat on his trainer, as it’s broken. You’ll be unable to change weapons, forcing you to load a previous checkpoint.

Hi, no, I don’t have the steam version, I have the Epic version. And yes is metro 2033 redux.

Sorry, I don’t know how to find it.

This is what happens when I try to activate the cheats.

Check that the path is set to the actual game’s executable, rather than the launcher. (Arrow next to the “play” button.
The “click and drag” feature in WeMod is a hit and miss, because people usually click and drag the shortcut on their desktop, which is the launcher, not the game. Use task manager while the game is running if you’re not sure where the executable is exacty.

EDIT - The main issue is likely that the currently available trainer here on WeMod is designed for the Steam version of the game. While some Steam trainers do work on Epic Games, not all of them will. There have been a fair handful of game publishers removing their content from Steam and moving to Epic Games instead, so hopefully WeMod pays more attention to Epic Games versions of games.

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Yes ravenfyre is correct it probably dont work or only some of them work because it IS made for the steam version.
Like he said some will work and some wont with a different version

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