I can't get my horizon to load using windows 10

I have turned off all my firewalls and i have installed the frame work 3.5. but the only thing that pops up is the logo then nothing. I don’t know what to do from there. can someone please help??

Hello I have Windows 10 And it loads fine

Which version of horizon are you using

There shouldn’t be an issue with any version of Horizon. I’m on windows 10 and have used it with 0 issues. This is probably related to the problem that some users have where they can only use Horizon when they are offline. I would actually block Horizon in your firewall and see if it will open.

I am using the latest version

maybe i am doing something wrong but i am not able to load it up. I have turned all my firewalls off. I am the administrator and i have turned windows defender off. but i click the app icon it looks like it is starting to load then the horizon symbol comes up. then nothing it does literly nothing and when i click the running application button is says no apps are active. i can’t figure this out. and i downloaded an older version of horizon and it runs just will not find my flash drive. but i can pull my .sav fill from my folders to the grey screen and extract it to use gibbed save editor but i can not get the gpd file thats why i want the latest version to get it. is there another way to extract my gpd file?

Reinstall the latest version (if you haven’t already) and try killing the internet connection (disable the network card and/or disconnect the Ethernet cable).

Try installing the latest version of Java I have had this problem whith other programs and installing Java made it work

1. Make sure your Windows 10 has all the latest updates.
2. Get the latest version of Horizon.
3. Run the setup as Administrator.
4. Run the installed program as Administrator.

I have done everything but its still loading the Horizon logo but crashed instantly and says “Failed to connect to the server”

i can use horizon on windows 10 but cant install the memory units drivers.
i’ll try a flash drive later