I can't login into app

When i’m clicking enter after typing mail and password it loads for few seconds and shows login page again

Welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

Please ensure you are logging in with the correct credentials. There will be a notification on screen if these are incorrect. If you’ve forgotten these, click the forgot password link.

Another thing you can try is to ensure that your antivirus program and firewall are not preventing the desktop app from communicating with the WeMod servers, by adding WeMod as an exception.

Keep us updated.

Just in case someone else lands here with the same problem as I had:

…for some reason (this seems rather stupid to me, frankly): when you install the app, it logs you in with some randomly-generated username.

Click on the “gear” icon in the upper-right, go to the “account” section (on the left), and click on “logout.” You’ll immediately be asked to log in again, and you can (finally) use your real username and password.

IMO, this is a bug, but: hey. At least there’s a workaround.

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Nope. :slight_smile:
—> Why am I logged into someone else's account? - WeMod Support

Well, I suppose technically a “bug” is something that doesn’t work as it was intended to.

So this must mean that the app designers wanted the app to log you in with some randomly-generated username, instead of prompting you for your username/password when needed.

Of course, one is left to wonder why they would want that to happen… :slight_smile:

Not everyone has made an account with WeMod. Thus when someone installs WeMod for the first time, they get the randomly generated account so they can start using the trainers straight away. No need to register an account.

If the user enjoys using WeMod, and feels like it’s a program they want to keep, or participate in our community, then they can make an account with us. :slight_smile: