I dont know what to name it sorry

I tested the trainers for Watch Dogs 2 and Payday 2, The trainer for Watch Dogs 2 seems to be working fine, But the Payday 2 doesnt work, I have an outdated game 1.64.1 so I selected the old version I tried every version but for some reason when the “Check mark” only stays for a second and obviously it will change to the “Play Button” so that means I cant activate cheats it just disables it when I activate it no errors no shits I am running the crack one and I also have the latest real one the legit one it just doesnt work can anyone help me?,
To add it up I dont have any anti virus on or any other mods I reinstalled it both didnt worked…

Be sure to have no IPHELPAPI.Dll in your game folder.
That’s the only thing I can think off.
I know that the newest version does not work for everyone.

Thanks though didnt worked any mods wont work the crack I used was outdated I do have the legit one both not working its weird because I heard that Payday 2 was easy to mod my intention is to mod offline I got banned from GTA Online learned my lesson, My first time experiencing this issue most of my games was modded, Weird that every mod or trainers wont work none of them worked except the retexture some other guys had problems I deleted the project and tried mods none of them were working thanks for replying.