I found this Rare Resident Evil Windows 95 Game - Help me find some more info about it please

So I scored a giant tote of PC games for free a few days ago. About 200 total, all from the 90s and many big box versions, some still sealed. I’ve already done some research on eBay and I have quite a few easily worth $30 and much higher.

This Resident Evil one caught my eye quickly as I’m a big fan of the franchise. I didn’t think it was anything special but figured I’d look up its the value. At this point I’ve searched the web as much as I possibly can and cannot find the same one, disc or cover art. I have found the same back insert image though.

When it’s in my optical drive it shows up as RE_ASIA so I know it’s an Asian version of the game. I’ve Googled the hell out of the CPC.BI0D1 product code on the back of the case with minimal results. But it’s the actual disc that’s been impossible to find anywhere. I’ve Googled the CAP. X3-01 code and haven’t found anything about it. I also find it odd that the back insert says CAPCOM CO., LTD. 1996, 1997, but the disc says 1995, 1997.

While the inserts have some wear and yellowing the disc is so close to being absolutely mint. I’ve seen other common versions of RE1 for PC sell for decent amounts so I’m thinking this has to be worth a good amount more.

Please share your thoughts and any info would be awesome. Here’s some pics. Thanks in advance!


Man that’s awesome nice find a giant tote of PC games for free that’s even better! No luck on RE over here, have a couple oldies but nothing like that one. Actually mine are all for console not many oldies for PC. But ya that’s a mystery RE you have there !!

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lol i mostly found your own post in other forums .

Also a few stores but this one was the most promising one: (is japanese but has a few copies in english)

I would bet it was sold in HK


also check this out:


from what i gather , the disk was burned on 1997, but im a little burn out


Good work piggy! I had been to that first link store during my initial search fest. Where do you see an English copy? Maybe I’m not seeing something after site translation. Remember mine is not the Biohazard titled one. I have seen others with the same eye cover but not with the Resident Evil title.

That second link is really cool. Don’t know how I didn’t find that one on my own. Now I’m going to try to get a good pic of the matrix numbers on my disc to see if they match.

This is what I believe I have minus the big box packaging. I wish they showed the case inserts and disc. It’s still really odd that my disc shows the dates 1995, 1997 but the insert and this big box shows 1996, 1997.

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Ah I have the solution after reading these comments ::
Someone tricked you and changed the disc !!

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99.99% doubt that. Every other game in the tote has the proper game disc in it’s case. Most are mint or very close to it so whoever originally owned these took very good care of them. Even if this isn’t the correct disc for the case it’s still super rare. Please try to find me this same disc anywhere else on the web? I triple double dog dare you ha ha. If you want to buy it it will be listed on eBay at some point over the next week or so. Just trying to gather some more info about it.

Oh yeah, and the back of the booklet says Capcom Asia which matches what the disc shows up as in my optical drive.


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I just wish I would of found them and not you. Hahaha

The information we gathered :
->It was launched in Hong Kong.
->English but Asian
->Burned at 1997
->Catalog numbers match CPC.BIOD1


Wow this little piggie went all the way to the market !! Wow

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