I had a problem with WeMod

After installing wemod it took 3 days all these 3 days I removed viruses and reinstalled Windows with saving files, deleted wemod from the computer it still works restart the PC 500 times tried when I install anything comes out the window wemod installation please tell tech support how to remove this splinter

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First of all - The title of your thread was changed because it was misleading.

Hello and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

WeMod does not contain anything malicious. In fact, WeMod is the safest provider of trainers on the entire, vastly infinite internet. Because WeMod is the only trainer provider that has built-in security which prevents people ripping the trainers and re-uploading them with shady, malicious stuff.

  • What you are experiencing when your antivirus program flags WeMod is what the internet refers to as a “false positive”.
  • You will get false positives with trainers from time to time no matter where on the internet you download it from. This is triggered due to the way that trainers work, which antivirus programs mistake for a threat - when in fact trainers are completely harmless.
  • It makes absolutely no logical or economical sense whatsoever for the most popular provider of trainers on the internet to spread malicious software to its potential customers.

This information is easily located using the search feature in the top-right of this forum.
For more information on why trainers are mistakenly flagged by antiviruses and how to resolve that issue, see this post here: Windows Defender marked WeMod as a Trojan.
Nobody else has reported going through the same exaggerated extremes as you have, you’re the only one out of WeMod’s millions of active members. :slight_smile:

To remove WeMod, you simply use the “Add Or Remove Programs” tool which comes with every single Windows PC. In fact, you should always use this tool when uninstalling any software from your PC, no matter what it is. Removing WeMod usually takes between one and three minutes, depending on your machine.

I just uninstalled and re-installed WeMod to test your report and could not trigger the same issue.

In the future, please ask for support from the community rather than posting a very misleading and falsely-titled thread out of the frustration of not understanding what’s going on. There are people here who would be happy to assist you and point out what you need to do to rectify your issues, if you ask for it.

Thank you. :slight_smile:


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