I had wemod launched when i opened cs2

I was playing eu4 with wemod, used 2 hours free then left eu4 and launched cs2 on offline server with bots, but i had wemod in the background, am i supposed to be scared for vac ban? it’s probably a stupid question but im scared for my inventory lol

Welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

First of all, please do not abbreviate game names. With hundreds of thousands of games in existence, many using the same abbreviations of their names, we do not know what games exactly you are talking about.

As for your question, trainers are generally undetectable unless they are injected into the game or you attempt to inject them into a server-sided game. You’ll be fine as long as you didn’t try to deliberately use it in a server-sided game mode.


My bad, I meant Europa Universalis IV and Counter Strike 2.
WeMod wasn’t enjected into eu4 even, it stopped working mid playthrough so it was just woking in the background on Europa Universalis IV page being disabled while I was playing offline map in Counter Strike 2.