I need an OG or cool name

I need a cool or OG gamertag for Xbox that isnโ€™t taken please help me get one :grinning::grinning:

For OG, Al Capone.
For Cool, go with something that means something to you or that is funny. Ex. My Friends name is MyStepSonHitsMe

Good luck finding an OG. Most people looking for OG had bots to take OG when they were made available.

AL capone is already taken I seen that name on there before

STN sounds cool to me but it might just be me

I think ptondo sounds the best but mite just me too :grinning:

Iโ€™m looking for names that isnโ€™t taken already

An OG gamertag would be worth money. Buy an existing one or find one yourself.

What about a cool name

Buy one or find an unclaimed one yourself.

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