I need help using Horizon to get Skyrim DLC to work

please give every detail

If you’ve just downloaded it from google somewhere and tried to use horizon to transfer it to your xbox, it will no work. You either need DRM-Free DLC or you need a jtag/rgh console.

With the information you have given us thats all I can suggest for now.

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You’ll need DRM free DLC (From the Legendary Edition).

When you have downloaded it you can then transfer it to your Xbox. Making sure you put your Profile ID on the DLC’s then rehashing and resigning.

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i have the regular skyrim…do I specifically NEED the legendary edition?

No, the legendary edition includes drm-free dlc files. And those file can be “pirated” on a retail Xbox 360. Just Make sure the file is drm-free and a: Drag and drop the dlc file into horizon or b: Inject the dlc file. Now, while the dlc is open in horizon, press the “save to device” button. If no error shows up you are good to go.

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where can i get these files? i’ve been looking and can’t find any


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When extracting which do i pick zip rar or con because i tried putting it in horizon and it gave me the stfs error or the invalid error to make sure its formated to xbox file