I need some help

so i was messing around with cuphead and changed the dash speed just for fun but wen i put it back on the defult my dash still wouldn’t slow down! i tride deleting wemod and reinstaling it the problem still persisted. heres a link to a vid that shows what i mean if you didn’t get it by the text https://youtu.be/6NqbvTFqSqw

Restart the game. WeMod only modifies memory values so restarting the game should reset all the values. If that doesn’t fix it then it gets saved to the save game and the only option would be to start over.

so if it persist i should delet my save file on cuphead am i right?

thanks for the help!

every time i use a cheat (even if its not the dash speed) i still wont stop dashing! :c

Does it still happen if you aren’t using WeMod?

no it doesnt
it only happens if i activate any cheat while the game is running

The only thing that would cause that is a game update changing values which means the trainer would need to be updated.

Could be a bug with wemod 6 or game had an update that broke the dash speed. I will take a look.

Is it on steam or winstore?

oh hecc i updated the game thats why. try and fix that wen you have the time.
i got cuphead on steam

sorry for the late reply