I will be AFK

My ISP is “amazing” and i don’t have any internet for a few days now. I won’t be able to update or push any trainers until it is fixed.

Just letting you all know - yes i am aware of the trainer needing updates but i am unable to do anything about them.

Don’t have anything to do on computer without internet so i am pretty much afk. This 2gb limited mobile internet sucks, i run out of data in half an hour


Ok we’ll let you slide for like a day or two

I’ll give you a day. Lazy bum

Take days off when Max takes days off?
Hmm coincidence? I dont think so


I can assure you that it’s not a coincidence :wink:


Meanwhile somewhere in hawaii Nice and STN…


See ya when ya return, enjoy the break while you can…
No matter what you are both up to :wink:

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How the hell did you find that picture of stn and me? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Are you the one on the left?

Of course. Can’t you see the pointy ears?

Oh yeah, forgot about those :kissing:

internet back?

STN posted a trainer 7 hours ago so internet should be back.

k thx and i wish it was halo wars 2

Yeah am back. Will get to it in time.

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