I would like a trainer or infinity mod menu for fortnite campgin please

infinite health, infinite shield, infinite ammo, unlimited skill points, and unlimited resources


It Might help if you tell them what game you are talking about???
There are some pretty helpful members in the community but no mind readers that I know of :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Just one post will do the trick too, you don’t need to make multiple posts on the same subject…

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true but it says Fortnite in the title

Fortnite would have to be added to the list for vote.
After it’s added you will be able to vote for it.
I’m not sure how much is server sided though

Thanks guys

My Apologies,
I missed “fortnite” because I was to busy salivating over the champignons on a nice juicy steak, but then I realised it was a typo for campaign and I would remain hungry once again.

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Hello! I know that It’s kind of late, but I have some possible additions that would not ruin game play entirely.

  1. These mods should probably not give an advantage against other players, but should give the player an advantage. The campaign mode is a PvE style, so cheats for the campaign would not be very bad.
  2. A mod like infinite health, or infinite bullets, would be nice. I play sometimes and one of my worst pet peeves is trying to build something amazing and failing miserably. I always run out of wood/stone/metal, so I can never finish my work.
  3. Another thing people might like is unlimited crafting abilities. In the game many players happen to get schematics for things, but cannot create them due to a lack of resources.
    This was just an idea, but if you guys don’t like it, that’s perfectly fine.
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We don’t do online games. I also don’t think it’s possible if the game devs are half competent and stored the values server side.

Ok. Sorry to bother you.

You didn’t. you just asked