ICARUS Cheats and Trainer for Steam

one hit kill or a damage multiplier would be good in a game like this.
also maybe a way to set currencies would be good.

only thing i can get to work is air food and water. nothing else seems to do anything

Well, you confirmed on Discord that this was because you were on a dedicated server.

WeMod trainers are only for singleplayer use only.

Any chance we can get the ability to turn the weather on/off or control it to some degree?

Mega Xp not currently working
*This is in solo private following the Mod page’s intstuctions.

Everything else is working fine.

Nothing seems to be working on this trainer as of today. Was working fine before today. Can we get it updated?

The ICARUS cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Would you be looking into an “infinite stack split” as a toggle? Its the only thing I still use from a Cheat Engine table, very handy to have, and maybe if possible instant build?