Idea for alpha 3 or any update for infinity

So i just downloaded Alpha 3 and saw the Games not installed thinking it would mean it would show the games i have on steam that have cheats but are not installed.

But it just shows every game that is not installed in my computer.
So what i’m asking is it possible to synchronize (which i think it is because how does it detect installed games)
steam to it and have your game library to show games not installed.

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We can possibly add a new tab that only shows cheats for your Steam games. Or split the Not Installed section into 2. One being for owned Steam games only.


@frank Yas! If you could do that, it would be the best! Thx so much :slight_smile:

A manual list would work. My idea is that the user would type in the game name and source (steam/uplay/cracked/etc).

Something like this (Batch)


(set /p Makes the user write/set the value themself)

@sNaKe not a code writer so idk what this is LOL.
Im sorry, i stupid but if there is any way of being able to do that yeah i would love to learn how too.

It is actually rather simple. Set v=x makes so that when you type %v%, x will show.

Everythings available in the command prompt (cmd) if you want to play around.

We can use the steam API to pull a full list of their games. That would require linking your steam account to your profile though. If the game is installed by not supported we can just have a find game button and let users manually direct Infinity to the location. We can’t expect anyone to use CMD to add something to Infinity.

It was just an example. It could be entered in a regular text file or inside Infinity. Not all trainers are for steam.

@sNaKe @Chris This would be awesome if we could link our accounts.