Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms Cheats and Trainer for Steam

you know what, you are most likely right. my bad.

I would try verifying file integrity. If you continue having issues let us know so a tester can look at it.

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ya know, come to think of it codename did mention in a recent blog that they are going to work on some stuff after this season. i think? idk im pretty baked most times and im old. so who knows, maybe all these issues will “magically” disappear. :wink:

Someone mentioned that using an older trainer worked for them. Maybe give that a shot also.

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yup, was one of the first things i did. it has worked sometimes in the past. didn’t work tho. when the game “fails” i have a check list of things to do and not do,ie; throw my PC out the window

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I know that feeling. A tester will test it to make sure it isn’t something wrong with the trainer.

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good eye man.

Just wanted to add my voice to the “Speed not working when window is in focus” pile. Stopped/started both apps, rebooted system, validated file integrity, and tried using second most recent mod to no avail. Startup order of apps or order of adding mods makes no change either. Health/Speed/Kills mods all work regardless of window focus, but speed only applies when the game window isn’t the focus. It’s a minor annoyance, and I’m not calling for an update about it, but just want to make sure I’m not missing a self-service step I could be using to make the speed mod work while the game window is in focus…

I’m also been having a problem with Set Game Speed. It will usually start ok, but after a while it no longer works at all.