If I got A50/A40 can I use them both on PS4 and Xbone?

I’m curious because at best buy, we sell the A40/A50 for but one box says its for pc, mac, ps4, and PS3. Then we sell one for the box one. Is the only difference is that the Xbox one version comes with the adapter? If I bought the Xbox one version, can I still use it on my ps4? Since it seems it takes the optical audio, and the usb portion is just to power it?

If you buy the A40 with mixamp yes they will work on Xbone. i use my A40 for all systems since i have the optical cable linked to the TV and no the systems. only kicker to xbone is if you have old controller you need the headset adapter but if you bought the new one with the inline 3.5 jack you will need 2 things. 2.5 double male to go from mix amp to controller and 2.5 to 3.5 converter (included with the adapter) or could buy solo or ebay/etc.

as for USb since its micro usb charge you can just plug it into the back of the xbone/whatever system you want. mine are plugged into my 360 for power.

Of course, just because you’ll have extra cords doesn’t mean the headset won’t work with the console; the cords are obviously sold with the device because consumers who plan on using the headset via the Xbox One must have those specific wires to operate and communicate where as, like you mentioned, Playstation owners don’t so Astro Gaming doesn’t bother including those wires.

Enjoy your new headset!