I'm just curious that's all

If a game has a online mode but also a offline mode then cheats should be allowed right?

The reason I’m asking is because I noticed dragon ball xenoverse 1&2 have cheats allowed those games have online modes but also offline modes so I’m just curious if other games have online and offline modes wouldn’t cheats be allowed for them as well.

a game I can think of would be warframe because you have the option to go into a offline mode by disabling public sessions.

P.S. please understand I’m NOT saying cheats should be allowed for all online games I’m just talking about one’s with a online AND OFFLINE mode similar to dragon ball xenoverse.


It depends whether the solo game mode is client-sided or server-sided.
Sometimes solo gameplay is still server-sided, which means a trainer is still not possible.

The game needs to be running from the user’s PC (aka be client-sided) in order for cheats to be possible. Trainers work by injecting code into memory addresses in the user PC’s RAM.
If the game is running on a server hundreds of miles away from the user (aka server-sided) then cheating is not possible, because there are no memory addresses for the game in the user PC’s RAM to inject code into.

Some games allow you to run private offline servers on your own PC (ARK: Survival Evolved, Conan Exiles, etc). Since these private servers run from the user’s PC, making them client-sided, a trainer is possible.
But should that same user try to cheat in official online servers, not only will the trainer not work but they’ll also get themselves flagged for a moderation review.

Warframe’s solo game modes are still server sided, so it’s impossible for a trainer to inject into the game to provide cheats. Anyone claiming to be able to offer cheats for server-sided games is scamming you for money or your account. :slight_smile:

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ok I think I understand now thanks for letting me know.