In dire need of help with RGH Hard Drive

I’m trying to transfer stuff over from my computer to my HDD for my rgh, but it always seems to crap out. the HDD is a new hard drive out of a new laptop a coworker gave me. he put an SSD in it, i also ran tests on it to make sure it was good and everything passed. anyways, when i try to use xbox neighborhood, it will transfer maybe 2 files, if that, then it says it “loses connection with console” even though it didn’t seeing as i could go back a directory and load a different one with no issue.

i also tried plugging it in via usb port and move stuff over from one HDD that is plugged into the consoles sata to this in XexMenu. that gets about 100mb of a game then the hard drive clicks and restarts the console.

party buffalo shows the HDD and i can navigate no problem, but again trying to move stuff on to it fails.

another issue is fatxplorer. i was managed to get a full game transferred over, so i attempted to move all the Arcade games over. i got about 7 of the 50 im moving, and then the HDD clicked again and lost connection. restarted the program and replugged the HDD and can’t even transfer a folder over.

this is seriously starting to bug me. i need help bad. i would go over to Team Xecuter forums but they moved servers and now i get database error when i attempt to go to their forums