[In-Game Content] Halloween Content For Various Games (Dead by Daylight, Minecraft, Fallout 4, Skyrim)

Hello there.

The following games are giving away some free content to celebrate Halloween.

Dead By Daylight

  • 1 free Charm
    Redeem the code TWITCHORTREAT in the in-game store.

  • Perk Treat
    Redeem the code SWEETDREAMS in the in-game store.

  • Blighted Jack
    Redeem the code ETERNALBLIGHT in the in-game store.

Redeemable on PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch.
The expiry date is not clear.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Redeemable on PC, consoles and mobile (aka pocket edition).

On Pocket Edition it’s a little bit hidden:

  • Go to Marketplace.
  • Tap Skin Packs.
  • Tap All Skin Packs.
  • Click the filter icon next to the search bar.
  • Tap Minecoins and then Free.

Expires 1st November.

Fallout 4

Expiry unknown.

Skyrim SE

Expiry Unknown.

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