[Indie Game][Request] Mod Avatar PaintBall [Game Save Included]

Hey guys, a little game I have been playing lately…figured I would request for someone to figure out how to edit the game save .

Details About my Gamesave:
Total Points: 357
[Points is the currency in the game, it also determines your leaderboard rank]
Gamertag: K ink
>>No Guns Unlocked

Possible Purchasable Guns:
Paint Shotgun: 500 Points Needed
Paint Machine Gun: 20,000 Points Needed

Details about the game:

Take your very own Avatar into the battlefield and compete online in Avatar Paintball. Play online with up to 16 players, in a fully 3D world, complete with weapon unlocks, battlefield power-ups and portals! Compete with the rest of the world with the global high-score list.

I opened up this file in horizon’s package manager, there is a file in the contents named “gamesave.sav” so I’m assuming you need that file also, just get it via the way I explained.
Direct Download, Click Here!
Extract the CON file out of the zip file.

Ill Try It ;/

Try this but you probably have to rehash and resign because i didn’t >.<



If I did it right you should have 20,000 points.

same here >.<


If you send me the executable I can disassemble it and figure it out.

Tried it. It should be at 20,000 also.

Didn’t do anything, just reset the points to 0. Trying everyone elses now.


None of theirs will work, read my post above.

Executable? I am Kink, not a l337 hacker like you. T_T explain please.

Oh…do you mean the arcade title file? okay…I’ll upload it for you.

I just need the xex file.

Here you are. hopefully you can do it up. :smile:

(My Host)

P.S. I looked through the whole contents…found nothing but a .exe executable.

Shouldn’t take long. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol, I looked…the .exe isn’t obfuscated so you can probably edit the points per hit, walking speed, etc :slight_smile:

Then it would become JTAG only as you would break the signature.

If I really wanted to I could reverse how it saves the data and make a save editor that edits everything, but for now I’m just going to make a decryptor/encryptor.

Okay sounds good :smile: thanks

****** game uses it’s own AES code >_<.

>.< it seemed like such a simple game too.

Lol, implementing AES in .net isn’t very hard.